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We can request a variety of customized jumper for customers

    Danyang Huaxing Electron. was founded in 2004.We are located in Danyang,Peoples Republic of China, in the houxiang Development Zone,an area of beautiful scenery and convenient transportation.We are a professional manufacturer of RF coaxial connectors and cable assemblies.
    We supply high quality products to enable us to achieve and maintain our good reputation through utilization of modern quality processes and procedures.
    We received certification to ISO 19001-2008(02911Q204775ROS) in December 2011.We received certification to GJB9001A-2011 on August 4,2014.
    Our products are manufactured in strict conformity to china's military standards,IEC standards,national standards and industry standards.We have developed ,more than 40 series of RF connector,including SMA,SSMA,SMB,SMC,SMP,SSMB,BMA,QMA,MINI,QMA,QN,MCX,MMCX,BNC,MINI BNC,TNC,1.0/2.3,1.6/5.6,N,7/16,SBX,C3,C4.6,C5.0,C6.5,4.3-01,F,UHF,PL259,IF70 EIA,MT test connectors,MM wave connectors,and connectors manufactured and designed for specific customer applications.Our connectors and LOW PIM RF jumper cable assembly are widely used in industrial applications, telecommunications,instruments,and equipment applications.
    We will pursue the manufacture of high quality products to assure customer satisfaction,insist on continuous improvement in our product, processes,and systems,and strive,and strive for product innovation.

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We have consistently provided excellent products and services to our customers.

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R & D, production, sales as one

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We have perfect production equipment and testing equipment.

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Company's products are not only numerous, but also very innovative design, but also to estimate the customer's requirements

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We have consistently provided excellent products and services to our customers.

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